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Faraday Discussion 162: Berlin April 10th 2013

The topic for the Faraday discussion in Berlin this year is the formation and chemistry of nanoparticles on surfaces. Discussion has been very lively and a number of interesting points have arisen. One is the way in which the ligands … Continue reading

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Presentation at the Dennis Dowden Commemoration

Presentation to SURCAT’s Dennis Dowden Commemoration meeting in Durham on 3-4th April 2013. The talk describes our recent work on the local etching of graphite surfaces by weak acids and their influence on the deposition of gold. Slides now available … Continue reading

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ISSC 19 Nottingham: Presentation on HCl/O on Cu

My presentation on Hatem’s recent work on HCl reactions on the different oxygen phases on Cu(100) is available to view on slideshare The picture here shows STM images of the missing row O(a) structure as it reacts with HCl at … Continue reading

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