Faraday Discussion 162: Berlin April 10th 2013

STM image (25nm) of low coverage of MoO3 on Fe3O4

STM image (25nm) of low coverage of MoO3 on Fe3O4

The topic for the Faraday discussion in Berlin this year is the formation and chemistry of nanoparticles on surfaces. Discussion has been very lively and a number of interesting points have arisen. One is the way in which the ligands associated with a deposited nanoparticle can be critical to its behaviour, something that alot of the surface science studies do not consider. Gold on TiO2 remains a topic of huge interest but I am reminded by one of Graham Hutching’s contributions to the discussion that CO oxidation may not be the best reaction to study since there is clear evidence that it involves at least three different mechanisms dependent on temperature and conditions. My contributed talk on the formation of Molybdenum oxide films is available on Slideshare.

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